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Explore our client’s portfolio and witness how our diverse range of plants enhances interior and exterior spaces. From office settings to outdoor landscapes, our plants are showcased in various designs, enriching each environment with natural beauty and tranquility. Explore the creative use of palms, desert plants, Bird of Paradise, and agave in our clients’ projects, and envision the possibilities for your own space.

Agave - Walker's Palms & Exotic Plants
Play Video about Closeup agave plant leaves against sunset sky with natural sunbeams.

Bill Hewitt’s Zen Garden

Explore Bill Hewitt's Zen garden, where our palm trees and other plants create a serene retreat.

Manfredi’s Landscape

Discover Frank Manfredi's palm paradise, where our palm trees take center stage in his home landscape.
Palm trees

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Explore the stunning landscapes of our other clients using a diverse selection of our plants.

Bringing the Beauty
of the Tropics & Deserts
to Your Home


Yucca rostrata, also known as Big Bend Yucca, is a striking succulent native to Texas and Mexico.

Palm Trees

Palms, a diverse group of plants with great range and have a fossil record dating back over 80 million years.

Desert Plants

Desert plants, like cacti, adapt to arid environments with water-storing abilities and unique root systems.

Other Plants

Plants like the Bird of Paradise - named for its resemblance to a bird boasts long-lasting blooms and striking foliage.


Agaves, succulents native to the Americas, are known for their impressive rosettes, utility in alcoholic beverages, and unique life cycle.
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