Explore Cold-Hardy Palms

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Delve into the world of cold-hardy palms, resilient enough to withstand various climates, including sub-zero temperatures. Learn more about these enduring symbols of the tropics.
Discover Rare Desert Plant Varieties

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Explore the fascinating world of hardy desert plants, showcasing a stunning array of colors and blooms. From vibrant greens to silvers, these plants thrive in arid environments and offer captivating displays.
Explore Cold Hardy Yuccas

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Uncover the beauty of cold-hardy yuccas, members of the Agave family boasting over 50 species. From grass-like forms to tree-like structures, these evergreen plants endure with grace and resilience.
Tropical Charm That Endures

Cold Hardy Palms

Experience the allure of tropical elegance with our collection of cold hardy palms. These resilient beauties bring a touch of the tropics to any landscape, standing strong against frosty conditions while exuding timeless charm.
Adaptable Beauty in Arid Climates

Hardy Desert Plants

Discover the rugged beauty of desert landscapes with our hardy desert plants. From striking succulents to resilient cacti, these adaptable specimens thrive in arid climates, showcasing a spectrum of colors and textures that transform any garden into an oasis.
Versatility and Beauty


Discover the enduring allure of cold hardy yuccas, esteemed members of the Agave family. From their versatile growth forms to their historical significance, these resilient plants thrive in diverse climates, offering striking foliage and vital habitat for wildlife.
Hardy Palms, Yuccas, and Desert Marvels

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Transform your yard into a tropical oasis with Walker’s Palms in South Mills, NC. Explore a diverse selection of exotic plants, including cold-hardy yuccas, cacti, and palms. Visit our nursery to discover a wide range of plants and seedlings, and learn expert tips for nurturing your own picture-perfect landscape. With our customer-centric approach, we’re here to empower you on your journey to cultivating a lifelong passion for nature. Visit us today and start creating your very own tropical paradise!

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We carry a variety of cold hardy palms, yuccas, and desert plants.
Get personalized advice for a flourishing garden.
Embrace eco-friendly solutions for a greener landscape.
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At Walker's Palms, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in providing top-quality plants and exceptional service. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, we set the standard for cultivating thriving landscapes and satisfying our customers' needs.

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Explore our range of cold-hardy palms, yuccas, and desert plants, handpicked for their ability to thrive in various climates.

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Rest easy knowing that our plants are of the highest quality, carefully cultivated to bring lasting beauty to your garden.
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Transform your yard into a tropical oasis with Walker’s Palms in South Mills, NC. Explore our diverse selection of cold-hardy palms, yuccas, and desert plants. Learn about cultivation and unleash your green thumb at our nursery. Create your own picture-perfect paradise today!




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