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Welcome to Walker's Palms & Exotic Plants! Since 2011, we've been your source for quality palms, desert plants, and more in South Mills, NC. Let's grow together!
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What are the ideal growing conditions for palm trees and desert plants?

Palm trees thrive in sunny, well-drained soil, while desert plants prefer dry, arid environments with minimal water.

How do normal palms differ from cold-hardy palms?

Normal palms thrive in warm, tropical climates and are sensitive to cold, while cold-hardy palms are adapted to withstand freezing temperatures and are native to cooler regions.

How does watering differ between normal palms and cold-hardy palms?

Normal palms typically require more frequent watering, as they thrive in warm, tropical climates with higher moisture levels. In contrast, cold-hardy palms are more drought-tolerant and require less frequent watering, as they are adapted to withstand drier conditions in cooler climates.

How do I protect my plants from pests and diseases?

Regular plant inspections are vital to spot signs of pests or diseases. Treatments may involve organic or chemical pest control, pruning affected areas, or improving airflow and drainage to prevent fungal infections.

Can I grow palm trees and desert plants in containers?

Many palm and desert plant species thrive in containers with proper care, including adequate space, drainage, sunlight, and water. However, some may outgrow their containers and need repotting or transplantation.

How does fertilization differ between normal palms and cold-hardy palms?

Normal palms need regular fertilization for rapid growth in tropical climates, while cold-hardy palms require less frequent or no fertilization due to their lower nutrient needs in cooler regions.
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(252) 312-9155
178 Nosay Rd,
South Mills, NC 27976


Monday - Friday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm