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Established in the spring of 2011, Walker’s Palms & Exotic Plants thrives in South Mills, Eastern NC. My passion for hardy exotic plants dates back many years, fueled by experimentation and guidance from seasoned growers. What began as a personal quest for a touch of the tropics in my own yard has blossomed into a flourishing enterprise.
Our nursery boasts a diverse array of hardy desert plants, as well as tropical and subtropical specimens sourced globally. Continuously pushing the boundaries of plant cultivation, I take delight in sharing my expertise with visitors. Come explore our nursery, and if you don’t find what you seek, don’t hesitate to inquire – we’re here to make your botanical dreams a reality!
Discover a diverse range of palms and exotic plants.
Meticulously selected and cultivated for top quality.
Count on us for premium plants and exceptional service.

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Transform your yard into a tropical oasis with Walker’s Palms in South Mills, NC. Explore our diverse selection of cold-hardy palms, yuccas, and desert plants. Learn about cultivation and unleash your green thumb at our nursery. Create your own picture-perfect paradise today!




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