Difference between tropical plants and desert plants.

Tropical plants and desert plants have significant differences in the way they survive in their respective climates. Tropical plants usually require moist, humid environments with temperatures that rarely dip below 50°F (10°C). They need lots of sunlight and water to thrive—often receiving both through heavy rainfall or irrigation.

Desert plants, on the other hand, are adapted to survive in hot, dry climates with temperatures that can reach up to 120°F (49°C). These plants have thick cuticles and waxy surfaces to lock in moisture and protect against the desert’s searing heat. They store water within their stems and leaves, allowing them to go long periods of time without rain. Desert plants also have long taproots to extract water deep below the soil surface, and many are able to survive with very little water through a process called crassulacean acid metabolism.

Ultimately, tropical and desert plants demonstrate the remarkable adaptations living things can make to survive in drastically different environments.