Windmill Palm Trees

The Windmill palm tree, also known as Trachycarpus fortunei, is a popular landscaping plant that adds a tropical touch to gardens, patios, and pool areas. Native to East Asia, Windmill palms are hardy, resilient trees that can withstand cold temperatures and are relatively easy to care for. However, like all

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Cactus root cutting, Desert plant propagation, Preparing indoor houseplant for replanting

The Best Desert Plants for Your Home

Did you know that there are actually a number of desert plants that make great houseplants? In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite desert plants that are perfect for adding a touch of green to your indoor spaces. Aloe Vera One of the most popular desert plants

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Silhouettes of palm trees

FAQs About Palm Trees

There are some basic guidelines to follow when caring for a palm tree. The most important factor to consider is the type of palm tree you have. Different species of palm trees require different levels of care and attention. Once you’ve identified the type of palm tree you have it

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What is a Cold Hardiness Zone Map

Click here for the interactive planting zone map Gardening and agriculture are activities that are deeply influenced by climate and weather patterns. Different regions have different climates and some plants thrive in specific conditions while others perish in the same. This is where the Cold Hardiness Zone Map comes into

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Palm Trees

Palm Tree Care & Maintenance

What kind of palm tree should I plant? There are several factors to consider when choosing a palm tree for your landscape. Species Many of us want to plant the largest and most beautiful palm tree we can find. You need to realize all palm trees will not survive your

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