Palm trees

FAQs about Palm Tree Care

Frequently Asked Questions About Palm Trees There are some basic guidelines to follow when caring for a palm tree. The most important factor to consider is the type of palm tree you have. Different species of palm trees require different levels of care and attention. Once you’ve identified the type

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Tropical plants

Tropical Plants Vs. Desert Plants

Difference between tropical plants and desert plants. Tropical plants and desert plants have significant differences in the way they survive in their respective climates. Tropical plants usually require moist, humid environments with temperatures that rarely dip below 50°F (10°C). They need lots of sunlight and water to thrive—often receiving both

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Many plants of the Monstera variety deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant on a white background.

The Swiss Cheese Plant

What are Swiss Cheese plants and are they good indoors or outdoors? Swiss cheese plants (Monstera deliciosa) are a type of large, tropical foliage houseplant native to Central and South America. These plants get their name from the unique pattern of holes in its leaves that resemble Swiss cheese. They

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Tropical plants isolated on white background. Botanical foreground.

Tropical VS Temperate Plants

Is there a difference between the leaves of tropical and temperate plants? Tropical plants tend to have larger, broader leaves than temperate plants. These large leaf surfaces are covered with a wax-like layer that helps them retain moisture in humid environments. Tropical plants also typically have thicker cuticles on their

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wild palm trees

Wild Palm Trees VS Landscaping Palm Trees

Wild palm trees are those that grow the wild, usually in forests, jungles, and other natural settings. These trees have adapted to their environment over time and are often resistant to diseases, meaning they can thrive without much human intervention. Wild palms tend to be taller than landscaping palms, with

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